Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bluey gets dressed

Finally, I'd done enough housework this weekend to waste a little time dressing "Bluey" the mannequin in his Andorian ambassadorial robes.

Andorian mannequin torsowhiteAndorian mannequin closeupwhiteAndorian mannequin full length

The mannequin - I kid you not, he was already blue! - came from the supplier complete with a spray can of touch-up paint, in "Aqua" of course, so I gave the amazingly-realistic hands a light sanding, a layer of white primer, and then a new coat of aqua paint. I also decided to give my old Captain Therin antennae a matching coat of paint. (Since 1980, the transparent matt varnish over the blue paint had darkened them somewhat, so repainting them today with the lighter aqua colour made them match the rest of the mannequin perfectly.) I don't know what's in the paint, but the hands were completely dry within about twenty minutes. I gave it a few hours before attaching the hands - and it was Photo Time!

It's fairly imposing to suddenly have a life-sized Andorian standing to attention in the corner of the dining room, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. I can't leave him in this position for too long, since he's directly beneath a skylight, but it's winter so he can stay there - at least until Midwinter Christmas next weekend, when he might have a Santa hat poised over one antenna. Ho ho ho.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Mannequins freak me out.

Maybe a giant blue one wouldn't.

I'll have to see about that.

(Note to self: Order Andorian Mannequin) :)