Thursday, July 12, 2007

Feeding/kicking the habit

After spending a fruitless two weeks trying to clean up the house in time for Midwinter Christmas - my collection backed up in January, you see, and POW! all over the house! - which has seen me moving piles of stuff from one room to another, one pile to another, desperately trying to squeeze stuff into overstuffed shelves, while continuing to dust it all and pretend to try and make it look orderly. It's driving me crazy.

I spent fifteen years in a two bedroom home unit (aka flat), and it took fifteen years of collecting to fill it. Then I moved to a three-bedroom house with a big family room (and no family!) and a double garage, but it's taken me only seven years to reach critical mass. Just trying to bring a sense of order to it all, every few months, sees me back on the Internet doing random Google searching just to ignore the impossible task.

I almost promised myself I'd stop collecting. (Dusting and sorting will do that to you.) I love what I have, and I love having it all displayed to look great, but it's soooo hard. And getting harder.

Tonight, I was in J&B Hi-Fi and they had a "buy two get one free" offer on boxed DVD sets of full-seasons of many TV shows. The four "fan collective" Star Trek sets were there ("Borg", "Q", "Klingons" and "Time Travel") for reduced price of $39 each, and I really don't need these, as I have all the regular season sets, but the offer seemed a great way to get the new text and audio commentaries, etc, that were created just for these boxed sets. If only I could find two more boxed season sets of something I needed, but alas, I think I already have everything I need from their sale stock, all bought at at full price, of course. Aaaarrrgghhh!!!

Anyway, you'll be proud of me: because... I put them back. After sorting through everything on the bargain table to find all four sets, then sorting through them again to find the undamaged cover slicks, I put them back.

I'll keep buying everything Star Trek (books, novels etc, and the remastered original TV series on high definition when it comes out), of course, but I'm really going to have to bite the bullet and kick this collecting habit.

But can I?

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teacake said...

I bought all 5 seasons of Six Feet Under and the third season of Bab5 to use up the JBHiFI deal. I was not tempted by the fan collectives because I was still reeling from the info that EZ Buy dvd are releasing a special metal box of all of DS9 boxed sets for 280.00. Having *just* finished paying off my Big W layby of this series I am choking over this missed savings.. and since I've only opened one boxed set I think I will return them and get the deal.

Anyway that little shock prevented me from even picking up the fan collectives to look at, lol.