Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Geronimo in library

A famous literary mouse adventurer, Scholastic's Geronimo Stilton, dropped by our book fair today, to see how his royalties were faring.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The very cranky bear

NSS Lion, Zebra, Moose and Bear

Today, our whole school participated in the annual ALIA National Simultaneous Storytime with a reading of Nick Bland's "The very cranky bear".

NSS Sheep and Bear

The hearing support unit used a Youtube presentation in Auslan. It was so well done that, after I'd read the book to the Stage 1 group who'd used the school library as their venue today, we decided to play the Auslan performance as well.

NSS National Simultaneous Storytime 2012

NSS IWB presentation

NSS Auslan presentation

National Simultaneous Storytime is an eagerly-anticipated annual event!

NSS Ian and puppets

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Unexpected Honor

Either I missed something, or nobody on TrekBBS had mentioned that there is an original short story, derived from the "Star Trek Online" game events and characters, in Titan's recent "Star Trek Magazine", no 40, Summer 2012.

Va'kel Shon
Captain Va'kel Shon.

Author Christine Thompson continues storylines from "Star Trek Online" and features the handover of the Enterprise captaincy from Data (IDW's "Countdown" comic mini-series), now in his professor role from "All Good Things..." episode of "The Next Generation", to the Andorian, Shon, for the launch of the Enterprise-F. Also clarified is the fate of the B-4 ("Nemesis").

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Seeing double? Spooky!

Kaskits and Spook'ems
A set now complete! For those who've been following my Kooky Spooky adventure over the last year or so, here is my customized Mama Kaskit "Kooky Spooky" (far left) meeting... the real thing: a recent eBay "Buy it now" find. She arrived this morning.
To the right is a little guy I've renamed Little Formaldehyde, with customized death rattle (both concepts mooted by Patti Peticolas in her notes). He is meeting a pristine Baby Spook'em, complete with mint condition "Help" sign, thanks to the same eBay seller. (On the back, the sign reads "Boo!")
Looks like I'll have to add at least one more slide to my Photo Peach slideshow!
I was recently asked why I avoided bidding on packaged Mama Kaskits.
Toys should be free of their cardboard and plastic sarcophaguses! If I'd bought a Mama Kaskit mint-in-mint-box, I'd have had to remove her, to join her family, no matter the huge amount paid. I used to keep lots of my toys' boxes (from the 80s, 90s and 00s - we never thought to do that in 1969), but I've simply run out of room for all that packaging - and the stored boxes were getting putrid with dust in my garage under the house.
Also, many MIMB Kooky Spookys have "melt marks" where hands and noses have had 40+ years have been in contact with 1969-vintage acetate windows.

My PhotoPeach slideshow about Kooky Spookys is HERE!