Friday, September 13, 2019

The search for homeostasis

Where have I been?


Two weeks into Term 1 of 2019's school term year, I officially "separated from the NSW Department of Education". Despite keeping tabs on the doings of my teacher-librarian colleagues, I haven't felt a burning desire to do any casual teaching or library work. Instead, have renewed my writing efforts on some fiction manuscripts and started making preparations for a future career(?) as a massage therapist. Recent changes in courses and career paths (to formalise which courses' graduates can access health fund rebates for their clients) saw me gravitate towards a Diploma of Remedial Massage rather than a Certificate 4 course. Endeavour College in the Sydney CBD offered my best option and I have just completed my first ten weeks of study. Some days, it hardly feels like studying: ie. give a massage, receive a massage, break for lunch, repeat. Now that's the way to study.

Diploma of Remedial Massage

First homework involved removing a ring that has been stuck on my finger for about ten years...


All of which led to a firm resolve to lose some weight. This was a momentous landmark.


A few weeks into the course, the other students and I spent a day volunteering at the City2Surf marathon, massaging doctors and nurses who have their annual post-race gathering on the roof of Bondi Surf Club. (Talk about being "thrown into the deep end".)

City2Surf 2019

We are expected to do at least two practice massages per week to consolidate our skills. When human volunteer crash test dummies aren't available for practice sessions, there are always other stand-ins...

Massage for bears

Finding my way around the college LMS (learning management system) has made the last ten weeks relatively easy. Certainly a different way of submitting assignments since my last full-time course in 1990. Now I can take a three-week breather before the next term commences...

Academic Integrity

Meanwhile, I am back to writing Draft #2 of a Young Adult novel manuscript. No rest for the wicked, even a retired teacher-librarian.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Year 4 of the 52-Week Illustration Challenge, Week 2

Week 2: Feathered animal.

Watercolour painting of an extinct, feathered Velociraptor, based on my own photograph of a model featured in the Tyrannosaurs exhibit of 2013 at the Australian Museum, Sydney. Highlights and shading in white pigment Signo, watercolour pencils and black finepoint Sharpie. In 2010, scientists discovered proof that many dinosaurs had feathers and, through a study of fossilised melanosomes (pigment-bearing organelles), they were able to ascertain some of the feather colours of Chinese dinosaurs!

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Year 4 of the 52-Week Illustration Challenge, Week 1

Week 1: Whimsy.

"Ready for a night out." Sketch in black Sharpie, watercolour pencils and white opaque Signo pigment ink on watercolour paper.


Week 1: Whimsy II.

"Working for peanuts." Watercolour and brown, black and white markers.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Year 3 of the 52-Week Illustration Challenge, Week 52

Week 52: Reflection.

"The witch's mirror." Sketch in black and silver Sharpies, with red, yellow and blue coloured pencil.


Week 52: Reflection II.

"Duck on the pond." Freecut silhouette symmetrical collage using metallic bronze card, watercolour pencils, white Signo pigment ink and black Sharpie. Based on a photo viewed in Google Images.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Year 3 of the 52-Week Illustration Challenge, Week 51

Week 51: Celebrate.

"Celebrating in their snowglobes." Sketch in watercolour, and black and brown Sharpie on watercolour paper. Snow created with masking fluid.