Friday, July 13, 2007

How do you Google? Part III

Time to share some new wacky search terms on Google that have led poor deluded Internet surfers to my blog! According to my site meter, it's:

andorian fanfic

adam-12 books dead on arrival

old transformers toys purple phaser

entomology ebook

Star Trek Voyager Full episodes WMA


trek TAS script aurelian

"taste of brazil" pyrmont

(actually, that's a popular one, and it finds them some good, brief information about that restaurant)

"cookie puffs"
(who can blame them?)

youtube phaser

squeaker squeak shoes

"Richard Arnold" + "Peter David"

(I'd recommend "But I Digress..." omnibus of articles by Peter David)

Raccoons in Christmas Costumes
(Awwww, cute! for Midwinter Christmas, perhaps?)

When I first put the site meter onto the blog, at the end of January, the blog was getting about 50 page views a day. That increased to almost 100 per day, until I went on vacation, which is how the readship fell to about 30 visitors per day. When I bought my screen-used Andorian robes on eBay, my hit rate reached almost 150 daily visitors, but this has settled back to about 60 per day.

People definitely stay on the site longer per visit, and read other pages while they're here. I do remain flummoxed about what people search for on the Internet: essentially, every topic - and combination of topics - you could ever imagine. Human beings are fascinating animals. (And 'm glad to be one. When I'm not an Andorian, that is.)

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Therin of Andor said...

OK, fess up:

Who was searching Google under "nick tate hairy"?