Friday, July 06, 2007

Trek fears

I have none for Star Trek XI, but it seems that there are still many who do.

I say to them, do you like "Lost"? I love it - and have great faith in JJ Abram's attention to detail and clever storytelling.

Have you seen the new "Transformers" movie? I haven't yet and was sure I'd hate it, not being a Transformers fan or collector of transforming robot toys, but friends who've just seen it are raving about how "geeky yet respectful" it is. The trailer looks amazing, and the movie is written by Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci, the new Star Trek movie writing team.

Do you like the music for "The Incredibles", "Mission: Impossible III" and "Lost"? The same composer, Michael Giacchino, has been signed up to score "Star Trek".

And George Lucas's ILM has been announced as the SPFX guys.

The new Trek film is gonna be cool.

I think I do have fears, though, for my IDW Star Trek comic collection. Although I'm really enjoying the new mini-series ("Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Space Between" and "Klingons: Blood Will Tell"), the multiple covers are driving me - and Kings Comics - crazy. Each issue comes in three - sometimes four - variant covers, and I decided I wanted to get only the art covers. The photo covers, which supposedly sell better in book stores than comic stores, are usually well-known publicity stills, so the new art on the drawn covers is usually far more compelling (to me).

However, the assortment is meant to be 50/50 of art/photo covers, with the rarer variants thrown in as bonuses for the comic store, for buying above a certain number of issues, to sell off at a higher premium. But now that Kings has downgraded their order, they are no longer being given that 50/50 split. Stock of issue #5 of "The Space Between" arrived only as Wesley Crusher photo covers and, so far, Kings' attempts to back order me an art cover is drawing (ha!) a series of blanks. Plus, there is no guarantee that the reorder will have an art cover; they might get sent more Wesley issues. Wah!

I do wonder how many Star Trek fans are madly collecting multiple issues of each comic to get all the cover variants. And how many gave up on the whole thing after issue #1.

Last night, on my way to the latest Star Trek Meet-up, I picked up the third issue of "Blood Will Tell" - art cover! - and it's fantastic! Review coming soon.

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