Monday, June 25, 2007

It's a Wrap!

My eBay win arrived this morning! And it fits! It fits!

Thoris robewhiteGeneral
Left: Andorian Ambassador Thoris's robes ("Enterprise: Terra Prime");
Right: Andorian General's outfit ("Enterprise: Proving Ground").

The cape has a long piece of Velcro where Ambassador Thoris had his universal translator attached, but I decided to put my facsimile UFP pin from ST IV into this position, and it looks great!.

And yes, as I suspected, the Paramount "Enterprise" label inside the dark blue, sleeveless, full-length costume has three actor names on it: Ted Sutton (originally cast as the Andorian general in "Proving Ground"), Granville Van Dusen (who played the role in the reshot, aired footage) and Joel Swetow (a "Star Trek" alien veteran) who featured in "Terra Prime". The top with the blue-furred sleeves lists Granville Van Dusen and Jowel (sic) Swetow, and the silver cape just Joel Swetow!

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Pretty cool!