Saturday, July 28, 2007

Howling at the moon

Jack and I went for a walk around the block just before dark this evening, and I happened to notice that the moon was already up, and almost full. (According to my calendar, Monday is the day it counts as "full".) I had to smile when several dogs from a nearby yard started up the most wonderful howl-a-thon. It made me wonder if they were howling at the moon, or if their master was just late home to open a few cans of dog food.

We were almost home when we approached the house where Tyson the Rottweiler used to live (at least, up until a few months ago.) Jack still loves to anticipate that Big Bad Tyson might be there, inside his gate, waiting to bark savagely at us. Today the familiar wrought iron gates were gaping wide open, and Jack did the most hilarious cartoon-like head turns, trying to work out if Tyson was on the loose!


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