Friday, July 13, 2007

The space between... my ears?

I just read the final issue (#6) of IDW Publishing's "Star Trek: The Next Generation" comic mini-series, "The Space Between". Admittedly, I was on the train home coming home from the city, but I was really lost.

This issue made me feel as if I hadn't ever read issue #5, and I know I did - twice! - because that's the one with the Wesley Crusher photo cover and my comic shop can't seem to get any art cover versions from the distributors, dammit.

Issue #6 has me puzzled. Were they saying the main villain was a return of the insect-like "Conspiracy" aliens? Admiral Nechayev under alien control? The Tellarite hiding in the bushes at Starfleet Academy? Or some blond-bearded caterer whom Picard once knew? (I mean, who sent the damned complimentary Bularan canapes at the end, otherwise?)

I've been a big supporter of IDW doing Trek comics - and I'm loving "Klingons: Blood Will Tell", but this particular conclusion leaves me... underwhelmed!

I have to read it all again. But should I have to????

Okay, checking back through #5, the bearded guy in #6 is undoubtedly an older Hommun, from the agricultural planet, hence the canapes in #6 (I'd been joking about him being a caterer, but I wasn't that far off). In issue #5 he was lying to hide a mystery about chroniton particles, but was grateful that Picard took more interest in farming than Hommun's own children...

Mmmm. But the links aren't there in issue #6. At all.


teacake said...

You sound like me after I finished the DS9 Millenium trilogy (though truthfully I gave up somewhere in the 3rd book trying to keep it all straight).

Since getting into Trek comics is on my to-do list I've made a note of your IDW rec. Otherwise I have no idea where to start.

Therin of Andor said...

Ah! I just received an email which stated that the Bularian canapes "must have come from Nechayev, which are a known favorite food of hers."

Okay, makes sense, but I'm a ST trivia hound from way back, but this bit of obscurity passed me by. Methinks a few footnotes were needed.