Thursday, July 26, 2007

Are you Sirius?: the novels of "V"

To celebrate the forthcoming hardcover novel sequel to "V", here's a complete booklist of what has come before:

V by AC Crispin (Pinnacle, May 1984).
The novelization of "V" and "V: The Final Battle".

East Coast Crisis by Howard Weinstein & AC Crispin (Pinnacle, Sep 84).
A parallel novel to "V" and "V: The Final Battle", set mainly in New York.

The Pursuit of Diana by Allen Wold (Pinnacle, Dec 84).
An original novel prelude to "V: The Series", a year before the episode "Liberation Day".

The Chicago Conversion by Geo. W Proctor (Pinnacle, Jan 85).
After the events of "V", the Chicago resistance struggles to rebuild.

The Florida Project by Tim Sullivan (Pinnacle, Feb 85).
Experiments with human/reptilian hybrids in the Everglades.

Prisoners and Pawns by Howard Weinstein (Pinnacle, Mar 85).
Diana and Lydia ("V: The Series") clash in Los Angeles.

The Alien Swordmaster by Somtow Sucharitkul (Pinnacle, Apr 85).
Set in Tokyo, Japan.

The Crivit Experiment by Allen Wold (Pinnacle, May 85).
Alien sand creatures called crivits (from "V: The Series" episode, "Breakout") threaten North Carolina.

The New England Resistance by Tim Sullivan (Pinnacle, Jun 85).
The friendly Visitor, Willie, aids humans in New England.

Death Tide by AC Crispin & Deborah A Marshall (Pinnacle, Jul 85).
On the West Coast of USA, Diana tries to resolve her homeworld's water crisis.

The Texas Run by Geo. W Proctor (Pinnacle, Sep 85).
The Dallas-Fort Worth resistance struggles to free Texans from the Visitors' cold storage.

V Annual 1986 (World International Publishing, 1985; copyright date 1984).
Includes the short stories, "The Day the Rains Didn't Come", "The Hero", "A Time to Fight", "The Three Brave Men", "Divided We Fall", "The Law in Prospect" and "Switch on to Fear", and the comic, "Nightmare".

V Storybook (World International Publishing, no date; copyright date 1984).
Includes the short stories, "Deadly Harvest", "Together We Stand", "Morning Glory", "Night of the Monster" and "Children of the War".

Path to Conquest by Howard Weinstein (Tor, Sep 87).
Surviving the axing of "V: The Series" and the original novels moving to Tor, Diana and Lydia attempt to change Earth's weather patterns.

To Conquer the Throne by Tim Sullivan (Tor, Nov 87).
The Great Britain resistance attempts to thwart the Visitors' latest plot.

The Oregon Invasion by Jayne Tannehill (Tor, Jan 88).
The Pacific Northwest of USA is the next area threatened by the Visitors.

Below the Threshold by Allen Wold (Tor, Mar 88).
The Northampton and Freeport areas are under threat.

Symphony of Terror by Somtow Sucharitkul (Tor, May 88).
A Ninja lends assistance to American resistance cells.

V: The Second Generation by Kenneth Johnson (Tor, Feb 2008).
The creator's long-awaited sequel! Follows up the events and characters of the original television mini-series, twenty years on, but ignores everything else.

V: The Original Miniseries by Kenneth Johnson & AC Crispin (Tor, Nov 2008).
A re-presentation of Crispin's novelization of "V", with an all-new epilogue by Johnson, which ignores "V: The Final Battle" and sets up new characters and events for "V: The Second Generation".

List last updated:
December 2008.

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