Sunday, July 29, 2012

Therin again!

Titan: Fallen Gods
Star Trek: Titan: Fallen Gods

I picked up a new "Star Trek" novel from Galaxy Bookshop yesterday - and just discovered that my Andorian alter ego, Therin (from 1980), has once again been saluted.

"Titan: Fallen Gods" by Michael A Martin has a ship named after Shantherin th'Clane (aka Therin), a character first introduced in the pro novel, "Ex Machina" (Christopher L Bennett, 2004), and namesake of Therin Park and New Therin Park in five other novels!

REL Therin Park

Thursday, July 26, 2012

25th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation

TNG 25th poster
Sydney's cinemas hosted the 25th anniversary of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" event last night. Several venues around Sydney (and other Australian capitals), in fact, and the Dendy, Newtown, managed to fill two cinemas in the one complex. So pleased I'd dieted enough to fit into this old favourite top again! It seemed a fitting sweater to wear.
TNG 25th anniversary
The cinema showed "Where No One Has Gone Before", which introduces the Traveler (and is loosely based on Diane Duane's Trek novel, "The Wounded Sky") and "Datalore", which introduces Lore, Data's evil brother. Selected by Mike and Denise Okuda as good examples of the greatly enhanced special effects footage for high definition Blu-ray. Also showed some "making of the HD" footage and a preview of enhanced "The Measure of a Man" (Season Two) for which they've added previously cut scenes.
Data shirt
And, I just found out that this fan-printed Data "sloppy joe" from 1988 (artwork by Lana Pennington-Brown) is to prominently featured at the beginning of Chapter 12 in the forthcoming book, "The Complete Unauthorized History of Star Trek" by Robert Greenberger!
Complete Unauthorized History