Monday, July 02, 2007

Jack: 0; Mozzie Zapper: 2

History repeats! It was a bit chilly late this afternoon, and I needed to race an important letter to the overnight-delivery mailbox, so I dressed Jack up in his collar, harness and winter dog coat, said the magic "W" word, and we headed off to the post office.

Once again, as soon as we'd reached the fire station - many blocks down from the kebab shop - Jack sat down hard on the pavement and refused to budge. I almost had to drag him along, as he again avoided shop doorways, asked for "pick-ups", and even tried to leap into any parked cars opening their door. I figured if he was going to perform, I may as well buy kebabs!

Once again that wacky little dog, with the memory of an elephant, was anticipating the kebab shop had its ultra-scary, ultraviolet mosquito zapper switched on.

Deja zzzzzzpt!

Little wimp.

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