Thursday, June 14, 2007

Colour me impressed (blue)

As you may know, I'm currently awaiting the arrival of my recent eBay win: a screen-used Andorian costume of jumpsuit, robe and belt from two "Star Trek: Enterprise" episodes.

Although I didn't want to Jonah myself and buy a suitable male display mannequin too early, a casual Google search surprised me. I typed in "second hand" male mannequin Sydney and up popped a mannequin called, so appropriately: "Bluey"! Perfect! And no need to panic about finding a mannequin that can be painted, or working out which paints were stable enough not to react to fabric.

I immediately got on the phone and secured him.


For my international readers, "Bluey" is a typical Aussie nickname for a red-haired man. (Please don't ask why.)


Anonymous said...

Nice!!! Where the heck did you find such a lovely looking mannequin?

Therin of Andor said...

As I said, a Google search - and it turned up a local supplier of second hand, new and rental models.