Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Number 96, Mavis Bramston... and David Sale

David Sale's book

David Sale's tell-all book about "Number 96" and "The Mavis Bramston Show" is out... very soon!


"In the history of Australian television, two shows changed the face of television forever and rocked the nation to its foundations. Now the creator of 'Number 96' and the Executive Producer of 'The Mavis Bramston Show' goes behind the scenes of these two controversial, outrageously ground-breaking series for a jaunt through the industry’s Golden Years.

"'Number 96' and 'The Mavis Bramston Show' flaunted the unmentionable, destroyed taboos, ridiculed sacred cows and dared to deal with subjects hitherto considered too shocking for polite society. They were condemned from the pulpit, slayed by the critics, yet adored by an immense majority of viewers.

"'NUMBER 96, MAVIS BRAMSTON AND ME' by David Sale will be launched by the Hon Michael Kirby on May 13 at a function hosted by Carol Raye, and available online and at selected bookshops from that date.

"Actor, script writer, producer and author David Sale’s career progressed through the theatres and movie studios of London and Hollywood and the turbulent world of Australia’s TV industry. As an actor early in his career, he performed in the UK and Europe including a tour to Malta playing the lead in 'The Mousetrap' and Malcolm in 'MacBeth', before roles for the Melbourne Theatre Company, Sydney’s Tivoli Theatre and across Australia in 'The King And I'.

"Sale has been a contributor to many TV series including 'A Country Practice', 'The Group' and 'Carrots', and has provided special material for some of Australia’s legendary entertainers to perform on TV, stage and in cabaret, including Julie Anthony, Maria Venuti, Toni Lamond, Carol Raye, Lorrae Desmond, Hazel Phillips and Donna Lee. He produced the last in the line of Sydney’s notoriously naughty Phillip Street Theatre revues, 'Lie Back and Enjoy It', and created 'Arcade', one of the biggest flops in Australia’s television history. He has written six novels, two of which – bestsellers in England - were bought for the movies.

"He is frank and revealing about his own life, a life that began in war-ravaged Manchester, followed the migrant route to Australia, and – against all odds – hit the heights of show business.

"But over and above anything else, Sale gives the inside story on Australia’s two most iconic television shows. After years of enduring misconceptions, outright lies and under-researched reporting of the series in which he was intimately involved, David Sale decided the truth should be told. He doesn’t pull any punches about any aspects of this incredible journey. He takes us with him every step of the way - huddled in a bomb shelter as a child to dodging Aussie’s TV critics as an adult.

"From blitz to glitz, David Sale tells of a fascinating life in 'Number 96, Mavis Bramston and Me'."


Cost: $29.95

Published by Vivid Publishing. Available from all good Australian bookstores and worldwide in paperback and ebook editions.

See also www.vividpublishing.com.au/number96/

"We've passed a lot of water under the bridge."