Number 96 dollshouse project

Documenting my attempt to recreate Number 96, the iconic block of flats from the Australian TV soap opera of the 1970s, as a 1:12 dollshouse (2012):

Wine Bar

Shelving, bar furniture, replica wine bottles and glassware, etc., to recreate Norma's Bar from Number 96. The three little wooden barrels will be part of Les's patented Wine-o-matic.

Norma's Bar

Jack Sellars in Norma's Bar. Note the painting of Norma on the wall. This is one of the sets I plan to recreate in 1:12 scale.


Shelving, counters, till, replica product packaging, Boulevard Cafe furniture, etc., to recreate Aldo's deli from Number 96. Looks like a bomb just went off! (And yes, there will be a ticking box of Spanish olives.)

Aldo's deli

Aldo's deli as seen from above. This is one of the sets I plan to recreate in 1:12 scale.

Flats 1, 3, 5, 7

Furniture and props to decorate Flats 1, 3, 5 and 7 from Number 96. Recognisable artifacts used by Les and Norma Whittaker, Herb and Dorrie Evans, Reg and Edie Macdonald and Vera Collins. Did you notice the Murphy bed Les installed for his mother-in-law, Norma's wig stand, Dorrie's hat, Vera's dressmaker's dummy, someone's saucy lingerie, and Edie's typewriter and her seven "little men".

Number 96 building

The building known as Number 96. I plan to recreate it in 1:12 scale.

Four-shelf bookcase

I bought two of these white Casa Living four-shelf bookcases from The Reject Shop, which will become the frame of my "Number 96" dollshouse.


Mr Perky's cage has been sourced, via eBay. It's actually very hard to find a less-elaborate 1:12 birdcage like this one. Several miniatures fairs and online sellers have had a variety of beautiful, cylindrical shapes, or that looked more like crazy, domed castles. But I needed simple.

Herbie and Mr Perky

Herb Evans and Mr Perky, Flo's budgie, in Flat 3.


Tammy: Dutchess of Oven said...

This is SOOOOOO beyond awesome!!, how are you going with it?

Therin of Andor said...

Haven't started assembling yet, but recently back from a visit to Harrod's in London (an excellent range of 70s dollshouse furnishings), and viewing museum-class dollshouses in Denver, London, Paris and Edinburgh!