Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Something fishy

Okay, now I'm really freaked out. Tonight, I wrote up some true ghost encounters for the blog - and the bloody browser page froze on me in mid sentence! It will let me copy all the sentences I've already written, but it won't let me paste them in any other document. So - under protest, Mrs Ghost - I'm RETYPING THEM ALL, while you no doubt enjoy a little snigger at my expense. And to think I was going to say I felt no malevolence from you.

Anyway, what I tried to say was:

I love checking out my blog's site meter, which is able to give me a list of URLs from which people have encountered links to my blogspot. Sometimes they are from the ever-mysterious "Unknown", but more often via a Google search, or a Google Images link.

Tonight, someone had reached one of my old blog entries by performing a search on the term "ghosts+smells", and I think I should expand on this with the full stories, because I'm sure the previous post - concerning my dog rolling in ferret poo - wasn't exactly what they'd been hoping for.

Not long after moving into this house in 2000 (it was already 33 years old and built on the site of an old lemon grove), I realised it had a ghostly presence. I'm not one to see ghosts in every dark room, but I've heard of several friends having inexplicable experiences with ghosts - and now the dog is going ballistic, barking at absolutely nothing in the middle of the room and... this entry is getting creepier by the second!

Anyway, not long after moving in, we smelt the extremely strong odor of fish one evening. The smell was so strong, I'd assumed my housemate had just opened a tin of sardines - except that I know (1) he hates sardines, and (2) he denied opening such a tin anyway. The smell lasted about ten minutes, and was very strongly associated with a vacant section of floor in the family room.

We laughed it off but, a few weeks later, I was suddenly very aware of a large grey shape in the family room, standing just inside my field of vision. As soon as I directed my full attention to it, it was gone, of course. Again, we laughed it off. What stayed with me, though, was a sense of the object's benevolence. I'd assumed I'd feel quite scared by a "ghost" - rather like I feel a little creeped out, at the moment, by tonight's occurrences - but no, I felt nothing nasty from this phenomenon. Defintely female, and definitely benevolent.

When the dog arrived, we thought nothing of the effect of the ghost - until there was a particularly weird feeling the night that twelve-week-old Jack walked over to the exact position of the previous fishy smell, stared at a spot just above the floor, and barked wildly! Seemingly at nothing at all. Certainly, we are not game to dig up the earth under our garage floor, lest we find the remains of an orchard-owner's wife and her pet goldfish.

Nothing happened for quite a while, then, although I did once spot something, momentarily, in the old rocking chair we'd inherited. The fishy smell returned briefly a few more times: sometimes in the hall and sometimes in the family room; and then my housemate received a strong shove in the back just as he was about to go to sleep.

He reappeared, wide-eyed, in the lounge room - where I was watching television - and he said softly, "We have had a visitor." I assumed he meant we'd had a break-and-enter via a bedroom window, but no, he'd been shoved in the back, and was suddenly more believing of my own wacky encounters.

We told these stories to the previous owners, who were quite surprised. In all their years of living here, they'd never noticed anything unearthly. However, they did say they'd had a few unexplained experiences in their new house. We also told a woman in a magic 'n' incense 'n' herbal medicine shop, and she listened eagerly, and offered to sell us a "smudge stick", which would supposedly help our ghost to find a path out of the house and into The Other Place. We declined.

So, anyway, apart from the odd sighting or sniffing, things have been rather quiet on the ghost front. Until tonight, that is. As Dame Edna Everidge would say: "Spooky!"


Patti McCracken said...

Eek! How weird is this... I was just at another she has her latest entry on taking her students to a "haunted mansion"--and the experiences she and some of her kids have. I left a post on her blog, so I won't do the same here (I need to cook dinner!).
Anyhow, I'm the person with the jack russell who asked whether or not lizards are poisonous. She keeps digging up the same one---poor fella--he gets no peace. In any case, you asked in your last post where I was from--American, but live in small town Austria.
Creepy (but cool!) post!

Therin of Andor said...

Thanks Patti! It was indeed a spooky night.