Wednesday, March 07, 2007

How do you Google? Part II

Once again, the call of my site meter is both compelling and relentless. Some of the recent visitors to my site had to have been disappointed not to find what they were searching for, but hopefully they enjoyed their stay at this blog page. Recent activity came from surfers Googling under such terms as:

parramatta collectors sunday

Connor Trinneer

Star Trek catchcry

our jack russell terrier


therin of andor

David Gerrold Tribble seller

australian aboriginal surnames

The Tudors TV series

And the most popular picture on my site (via Google Images) is the wonderful, vivacious, topless Abigail (below). Still drawing a crowd after all these years! Onya Abby!


When I first put the site meter onto the blog, at the end of January, the blog was getting about 50 page views a day. That's now increased to almost 100 per day. And people seem to be staying longer, and viewing other entries on the blog. I'm feeling much better than when I could only use incoming comments as a measure for success. I know people are out there, although I'm constantly surprised about what people search for on the Internet: essentially, every topic (and combination) you could imagine, plus many more.

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nash said...

Oh if only dear Abi realised how much we miss her perhaps she'd come out of hiding... *sigh*