Friday, March 16, 2007

A kids' show in an adult timeslot

I've just heard that I'm to be quoted in a new scholarly book that's coming out - about a woman's life in country New South Wales in the 70s, when the author was a young girl watching naughty "Number 96" on prime time (adults' viewing) at 8.30 each weeknight.

A researcher had asked me last year for proof that "Number 96" was a TV soap opera popular with children, and I was able to reference a major Australian magazine, which ran a kids' page and an annual TV survey of popular shows. "Number 96" always ranked highly - and above many kids' shows.

Some work colleagues and I were only chatting yesterday about modern TV shows that are essentially made for adults, but watched by children. "The Simpsons", "Ren and Stimpy" and "South Park" come to mind. Probably "Desperate Housewives", too. But in the 70s, Down Under, it was "Number 96".

More details on the book as they come to hand! There will also be news of a TV reunion of the "96" actors (coming very soon) and more DVD news. I hope.

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