Saturday, February 24, 2007

Fine feral ferrets

After yesterday's entry about my concerns that Jack will one day fall victim to a deadly snake, it was with a sense of dread that I released him into the yard at 7 am to do his morning ablutions, while I went off to complete my own.

I became engrossed with a book, then realised Jack hadn't made his standard low growl to ask, "Let me back in", so I went to find him. There he was, peering into the house from the other side of the flyscreen door, but when he saw me coming he scarpered back into the yard, hoping I'd relent and let him down into the pool area so he could sniff out any nocturnal visitors who'd left him a wee-mail on a tree.

Then: we both saw it at the same instant! A huge, pale yellow ferret was rummaging in the garden! Jack went instantly ballistic, of course, barking and carrying on, although the cheeky ferret seemed to know that Jack was still behind bars. It spent several minutes twisting through the agapanthus, finishing up whatever it'd been up to and finally selecting its favourite exit hole under the fence.

I think I've now solved the mystery of our most recent regular visitor, whose mission, should it choose to accept it, is to drive a poor little Jack Russell beresk (sic)*. Who knows what the wee-mail said? Probably the furry equivalent of "Your mother wears army boots." I wonder if Jack even knows the local ferret dialect?

In the past, we've had a fox, two different blue-tongue lizards, many suicidal frogs, crappy birds, next door's cats, and now a feral ferret! Welcome to the jungle.

* With thanks to Dorrie Evans, "Number 96".


Patti McCracken said...

Hi! I was scouring the internet looking for "jack russells hunt lizards" and I found your site.
I can't wait to read more about Jack, but my more pressing concern is JRs and lizards. My Jack has hunted two of them. The first one took ages to track down--about 20 minutes, and it was ready to fight... so she couldn't get her teeth into it. This time, it took about three minutes and she grabbed onto him pretty fast. I pulled her away because I don't know if they're poisonous or not. I didn't get a good look at it. Just a normal lizard. Is she in danger when she hunts them? I'll keep looking on the internet, but first I'll read more about Jack on your blog.

Therin of Andor said...

G'day Patti,

You don't mention where in the world you are located, but Australian lizards are not poisonous. It's Gila monsters and the like you'd have to worry about - and they're not Australian.

When my cat used to hunt (and attempt to eat) small garden skinks, my vet warned me to keep his intestinal worming medication up to speed.

I do try to discourage Jack from attacking large garden skinks (in a friend's garden at South Penrith) and the blue tongue lizards who live arround here, except there was this incident that was a rather sad one... for the lizard who lived at my aunts in Malabar Heights.

Glad you're enjoying the site and took the time to post a response!