Monday, March 19, 2007

"My name is Therin and I'm a blogger..."

These Weblogger Meetup Group gatherings sound a bit like the equivalent of an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting but the two I've attended so far have been very interesting.

Once again (tomorrow), we are meeting at the ArtHouse Hotel in Pitt Street in the Sydney CBD. On busy Thursday nights, that popular watering-hole routinely has a bouncer or two, looking over potential patrons, and commenting upon their dress sense, or lack of..., but on Tuesdays the conditions are seemingly lax. (We have school photo day at work, tomorrow, so I'll be in my best gear anyway.)

As of tonight, there are 23 positive RSVPs and seven "maybes" registered at the Meetup webpage, and I notice that many of them are professional bloggers, rather than hobbyists like me, so it's sure to be a big one. Tomorrow is also the start of the Sydney Search Engine Room conference in the Sydney CBD, so that event has helped to raise the profile of our latest Meetup.

It's fascinating to be a small part of this evolving, still-fledgling blogging phenomenon, and to observe how it's been so quickly integrated into the daily lives of the big (and small) professional wheels in the business, marketing and public relations sectors of the world community.


Michael Visser said...

What a mad night. Was great to meet all you Sydney bloggers. You're all amazing people in your respective fields.

I'll be there again next year but hope to visit the city again soon; loved it, loved Kings Cross. ;)

Therin of Andor said...

Excellent Michael. Would be happy to show you some of the tourist spots! my place is on Sydney's outskirts, and halfway to Katoomba in the beautiful Blue Mountains.