Friday, March 09, 2007

From novel to comic: Diane Duane's Star Trek characters

I've been wanting to collect these images together for ages:

Duane Trek

Above: Naraht the horta; Harb Tanzer, Chief of Recreation; Nurse Lia Burke; linguist Janíce Kerasus; and Doctor Tom Krejci (DC Comics TOS Series I: the "Double Blind" two-parter, #24-25, and "The Last Word", #28).

All of these characters have appeared in Diane Duane Star Trek novels, and most also in the old text-based computer game, "The Kobayashi Alternative". Other Duane novel characters who get mentioned by name in "The Last Word" comic include Athende, the tentacled Sulamid, and Avoca. In the recent omnibus of her "Rihannsu" novels, The Bloodwing Voyages, Diane Duane revealed that transporter technician Theresa Renner is named for her former housemate.

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