Monday, March 12, 2007

Oh my aching ankles

Yes indeed. Every step tells me that I was at the Zoo on Saturday. Even though I do walk a lot every day, and am quite used to all-day walking excursions, every step I took today caused mild twinges of my ankles, and at the backs of my knees. Caused by Taronga Park Zoo's unique slope, I suppose, and thus I've been reminded of my Zoo visit quite often today.

Unforgettable was the platypus! Sometimes very shy, and sometimes playfully swimming loop-the-loops around his tank, this visit saw Taronga's platypus snatch a rather large crustacean from the sandy bottom and give it an aggressive shake. I assumed the live food a platypus ate was quite small. Wrong!

The prawny yabbie thing escaped and hid, cowering, under a rock shelf with its terrified comrade. They nervously watched the platypus doing loop-the-loops for the crowd of human onlookers, lulling the prawny yabby things into a false sense of security(?) that their pursuer was giving up on lunch, I guess. But soon the platypus was reenacting the movie "Jaws" - and, at his second attempt, little prawny yabby thing was no more. The web of life...

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