Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday in the Park with Jack

Sunday in the Park with Jack

Okay, it's all Stephen Sondheim's fault. I've been playing the Broadway cast album of "Sunday..." today - I bought it years ago via Amazon because Brent Spiner (Data, "Star Trek: The Next Generation") was in it - but I'd only ever played it the once before.

I'm really enjoying it; the song "Lesson #8" brought tears to my eyes, hearing it again. I love finally getting to understand all of the words in a musical by playing catch-up with the soundtrack album after the big event.

I found this pic of Jack - who's currently really, really keen on going to the park - except it's raining. So here's a virtual park for ya, little matey. Sorry about the inclement weather. Who'd have thought it after the heat of yesterday?

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