Sunday, February 11, 2007


Over at the TrekBBS, someone asked for the Star Trek fans to name their favourite Star Trek uniform, and I hadn't really felt the need to contribute to that thread - until someone wondered aloud if "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" was going to get any representation. And it helped that I was "taking a break" from yesterday's epic moving of magazines from one pile to another. (Today I'd progressed to "free some action figures from their packaging" to free up more space. But it's okay, I've always been an "opener", not a "MOMC" - "mint on mint card" - collector.)

Okay, back to ST uniforms: well ST:TMP on the big screen was my first really memorable ST experience, after TAS repeats on TV. So, call me biased, but I love the ST: TMP uniforms (even if they do look a little - okay, a lot - like 'jammies). In 1980, if I coulda put one on and leapt into the silver screen of Sydney's old Paramount Theatre and onto that starship, I'd have done so.


Above: From an early fanzine story; art by my penpal, Kamu. Note that I'd asked her to include the Andorian partial exo-skeleton mentioned by the Ballantine "Starfleet Medical Reference Manual".


Above: At the first Medtrek Convention (1982), at the historic Hydro Majestic Hotel, Medlow Bath in the Blue Mountains. Therin was on the debating team: "Federation vs Empire: Which is the Better Form of Government?"


Above: Therin, Arex and M'Ress join the crew after ST: TMP, with a little help from Photoshop.


the_real_adamj said...

SJ was watching TMP earlier today. While I'm not the biggest fan of the movie itself (although I don't hate it by all means) I really like the uniforms. I mean, they look smart and comfortable enough. And I don't think they look like jammies! Now, the Next Gen era on the other hand... :-p

Therin of Andor said...

I've twice bought the pattern, from Majel Barrett's Lincoln Enterprises, for the male skant uniform from Season One of TNG. I really don't think I have the figure to carry it off any more, and someone borrowed the first pattern - and never returned it - when I was game to own one:

the_real_adamj said...

Perhaps with the trousers of a dress uniform they don't look *too* bad, but worn like a skirt, well... it's a brave guy who wears them I say! ;)

Actually, thinking about it Captain Brannigan from Futurama wears a skant!