Sunday, February 04, 2007

The move to New Blogspot

I put it off and put it off, but finally Blogspot cornered me and forced me to move the blog's files across to whatever it is they've been beta testing.

I'm not all that happy, since my iMac's Safari browser is unable to post responses to other people's blog pages, and Firefox doesn't view many blog pages correctly, often overlapping images and text. For some reason, Firefox also often refuses to cut 'n' paste text - and will sometimes refuse to refresh to clear the cache, and show me the latest version of my own pages. So I spend a lot of time juggling between browsers, trying to keep everything working. The most agonizing bit was applying for a Google mail account, so I could register the new version of the blog. Of course, the "word verification" image wasn't appearing in Firefox, but Safari was off limits. It took at least three goes, attempting to refresh the page, but the secret letters finally turned up. Whew! I really thought I'd been locked out at one point, with neither browser wanting to "publish".

They are slowly working their way through the blogsphere. I hope it all the "dust" settles quickly.


Andrew said...

I am nearly ready to punch Mr Google/ Blogger/Gmail on the nose. He is making my life hard.

Therin of Andor said...

Here today, so far, it's okay, but my iMac's Firefox doesn't like looking at people's blogs that haven't moved across yet. I spent most of last night adding the new "labels" to all my old blog entries, and that's been relatively easy but tiring.