Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bloggers unite!

Tonight was my second meeting of the Sydney Weblogger Meetup Group, hosted by Sara, aka The Bargain Queen (and her consort, who has taken to introducing himself to others as "Mister Bargain Queen"). The venue was the atmospheric Art House Hotel in Pitt Street in the Sydney CBD.

Last time had eleven attendees; this time there were probably 35 or so! No doubt the increased numbers (25 had RSVPed) were because a conference (Ad-Tech) had been in progress all day, and many of the pro bloggers had come from a full day's program of events - and had obviously brought some blogger buddies.

It's an exciting time to watch the whole blogger phenomenon unfold, and how it's been embraced by the business sector, not just the hobbyists. Comparing blogging in the 2000s to the rise of the talk-back radio phenomenon of a few decades ago, Mr BQ postulated, "If Alan Jones or John Laws were starting out in their public careers today, they'd be bloggers!"

Thanks again for organising the event, Sara.

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