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Comparisons #2 & 3: ST Magazine UK/Aust vs ST Magazine US

A few months ago, Star Trek fans were asking about differences between the UK "Star Trek" magazine from Titan and the version that has now been made available to the USA (filling the void left by the "Star Trek Communicator").

I ended up changing my old "Star Trek Communicator" standing order with my local Australian comic collectibles shop, Kings Comics, to Titan's US "Star Trek" magazine, but when the (renumbered) UK version turns up on Australian newsstands a whole month later, I buy it all over again - because the UK version sometimes has extra material, not included in the US edition. (I guess it's to discourage UK fans buying the imported American version when they pick up their regular pile of US comics, "Starlog" magazines and US import stuff from UK comic shops?)


#2 of the US version of Titan's Star Trek (NOV/DEC 2006) is 66 pages but the UK/Aussie version (#87 JAN/FEB 07; #129 UK) is 98 pages: same page count as both countries' first new issue. As I said last time, there are also differences in the magazines' dimensions: the UK version is 2 centimetres taller and one centimetre wider. The US magazine has a big "#2" in the Starfleet delta shield logo, while the UK mag again reads "New look". The placement, and sometimes rewording to suit local audiences, of the full-page glossy advertisements, is also changed.

* Main UK/Aussie addition: Celebrating 'Star Trek: Voyager' supplement in the middle pages, featuring:

* Voyager's Ten Best!

* Building the Future - interview and sketches with Tim Earls, designer

* "I Was a Voyager Alien!" - Patrick Jankiewicz, one of the magazine's regular contributors, tells how he once played a primitive alien cave person in "Basics", on location at Lone Pine, CA (previously used for the feature films "Gunga Din" and "Tremors". The photo credits wrongly mention the location as Vasquez Rocks. Interesting that should happen the same week as "Starlog" has an item about the trustworthiness/usefulness of captions!)

* Double-sided bonus poster: Janeway/EMH

* The Doctor is In - interview with Robert Picardo

* Top Nine Doctor Moments - VOY episodes

* The 9 Enemies - VOY episodes

* The Alpha Guide: The Borg

* Angelic Alien! - Pat Jankiewicz interview with Iona Morris, aka Umali of "Workforce" - and yet another former child extra who once appeared in "Miri" (TOS)

* Competition to win "The Q Fan Collective" DVD set

* Competition to win three Corgi ship models

* Tower of Commerce - merchandise page and order form.


#3 of the US version of Titan's Star Trek (JAN/FEB 2007) is again 66 pages and the UK/Aussie version (#88 MAR/APR 07; #130 UK), which turned up on newsstands this week, is 98 pages. However, the most noticeable difference is the cover art: Data on the US edition - with the headline "A DATE WITH DATA", while UK features Archer/T'Pol/Tucker and the banner "BACK TO THE FUTURE". Maybe Titan is scared that there is still a lot of viewer resistance to "Star Trek: Enterprise" in the USA?

* Main UK/Aussie addition: Celebrating 'Star Trek: Enterprise' supplement in the middle pages, featuring:

* Enterprise's Ten Best!

* Tucker's Luck - interview with Connor Trinneer

* Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid - 10 ENT spooky episodes

* The Ongoing Mission - Pocket editor Margaret Clark highlights the return of Tucker in novel form: the upcoming "The Good That Men Do" by Mangels & Martin

* First Frontier - interview with Rick Berman

* Double-sided bonus poster: ENT main cast/NX-01

* Out of the Blue - interview with ENT production assistant Doug Mirabello, who was a last-minute replacement for an Andorian extra in "Proving Ground"

* Action Man - interview with Vince Deadrick Jr, stuntman

* New Lifeforms and New Civilizations... - 10 ENT alien races

* Back to the Future - 10 ENT time travel episodes

* Voyage of Discovery - interview with Gabriel C Koerner, visual FX technician

* Strange New Worlds - 10 ENT planets

* Be My Guest - interview with Eric Pierpoint, aka Harris in four episodes

* Competition to win "The Klingon Fan Collective" DVD set.

Good news for American fans: the US "next issue" ad (ie. for #4 US; #131 UK; #89 AUS) promises a return of the 98 page (plus covers) size as a "Collectors Special". Mmmmm. I wonder if I'll still keep getting both versions?

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