Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Life's unexpected rewards


My "thank you" gift of some 2006 Charles Sturt University Cabernet Sauvignon, courtesy of CSU, for hosting a visiting entourage of trainee librarians and teacher-librarians to our school library today. My pleasure!

I wish I'd been taping my talk - I sounded so wise. ;)


Cade Whitbourn said...

Mmm, enjoy. I've just worked my way through a half dozen of those.

Plainswell said...

Aah... CSU Wine... Back when the wine was still labelled "The College" in the early 1980's I had the pleasure of performing at the CSU winery (CSU was Riverina CAE then) in a musical adaptation of of an old greek tragedy called 'Bacchoi.'

It was open air and we were performing on a custom built revolving set surrounded by the winery's olive trees. Every night a bunch of naked people had to jump over my head (in the nude ceremonial bull leaping scene). Now there's a memory.

We got to rip the last leaper into bloody pieces and chuck the meat around the stage. They don't write them like that anymore.

The winery was a perfect theatrical venue. I don't think that it has ever been done since then though.

Enjoy the wine - I often did... :-)