Friday, September 11, 2009

I feel pretty, oh so pretty!


'Tis the day for compliments. A little Kinder kid told me I looked pretty today (I was wearing my infamous "Spider-man" shirt), and two more kids from school just saw me heading home and announced they wished it was Monday already.

"Why...?" I asked (a little bewildered, because this was barely the start of a well-earned weekend).

"Because that's our library day and you're our library teacher!"


And, in acknowledgement of today's date:

'Allo Vera - and her three new offspring. My photo of the day. A little something for peace and renewal on the anniversary of a day that changed the world and will never be forgotten.

This plant is the fourth aloe vera to inhabit this pot since the "shoestring renovations" of my school library, but certainly the most successful (the previous occupants have since recovered after a return to less neglectful circumstances). This week Vera showed off her triplets, much to the excitement of my observant, pint-size borrowers at the charging desk.

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