Friday, September 18, 2009

The wrath of victims of postal services?


At last! My copy of the newly expanded edition of James Horner's "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" original motion picture soundtrack CD has been lost in the post, but it finally arrived today! 23 tracks (in scene order) vs only nine random tracks on the original version.

The new album, from Retrograde Records, includes the eerie track called "Genesis Project" by Craig Huxley (nee Hundley, a child actor in two episodes of the original "Star Trek" series), which was previously only available on a limited LP/CD of assorted music and themes by Huxley.

Mmmmm, just found this on Youtube:

I recall such details being discussed when the film came out. Yes, our sun appears as an extra star in the constellation of the Big Dipper, as seen from Keti Bandar (named after an African river, IIRC), which is in the Epsilon Indi system. (I went wild at the time because the Ballantine "Starfleet Technical Manual" and "Medical Reference Manual" placed Andor in that system, and the old Bantam "Star Trek Maps" put Triacus ("And the Children Shall Lead", TOS) in Epsilon Indi as well!

So for me, writing fanfic about Andorians in the 80s, it was very exciting to have a planet/moon near Andor being selected as the "subject" of Carol's Genesis demo, even if the device had never actually been set off there. Yet.

If that was the only Andorian reference to be in ST II, I guess I was satisfied. Mind you, on opening night a few people asked me if Romulan Ale was actually pureed Andorian - and that was a cameo I didn't need to know about!

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