Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Sassy spirit of spring

Saturday's pic of the day!

Yesterday was the annual Selwa Anthony Author Management seminar and Sassy Awards, an event not to be missed, even though I am now Selwa's longest serving member who's never earned her any money. Somedayrealsoonnow, I going to have to redeem myself. But Selwa continues to have faith, and I have plenty of half-baked projects just begging to be completed, so we'll see.

As per usual, the seminar part of the day was filled with inspirational stories from Selwa's stable of Aussie talent, and the hours just flew by until it was suddenly time for the awards banquet.

This time, though, the event was moved to September, so we bid farewell to the ol' Novatel, Brighton-le-Sands, home of this annual seminar since November 1993 ("Succeed Some More in '94"), when the group who attended dinner in a nearby Brighton restaurant all fitted around one large round table! (By comparison, last night the ballroom of the Swissotel, in Sydney's CBD, had almost 200 people in it!)

Sassy Awards 2009

Seahorse closeupwhiteSeahorse sculpture
A beautiful sculpture in the Level 8 foyer of the Swissotel.

I was also able to catch up with Sorrel Wilby, Selwa's "Sassy presenter" for this year's awards, and to remind her of her encounter with another McLean, my younger brother Brian (aka "Furry"), in one of her "Australian Geographic" television specials last year!

Sorrel Wilby and IanwhiteSorrel, Brian and python

Okay, Selwa, I hear you: fun's over for the year. I'm back to the old drawing board (or, rather, keyboard).

Speaking of drawing boards, this is what happens when award-winning cartoonist Eric Lobbecke sits behind you at the annual Selwa Anthony writers' seminar:

Ian by Eric Lobbecke

Thanks Eric! That was so cool!

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