Saturday, September 26, 2009

Feeling UP

Making sure I didn't feel too down on a lonely Friday night, I went to see "Up", the new Pixar animated film which finally started its Australian release recently. The trailers had not really revealed much about the storyline, so I was curious. (This was the movie that knocked Star Trek off its perch in the US, IRC, but it's arrived here much later.)

I added a note to Facebook re my intentions with my iPhone - and before I arrived at the cinema I had several brief incoming reviews and recommendations from friends! The immediacy of the Internet!

Yeah, it was okay, but not a world-beater. The 3D is quite stunning - make sure you see it in 3D; not every screening is being done that way! Some wonderfully animated sequences, and I really loved the Pixar pre-feature short about clouds and storks.

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