Saturday, September 19, 2009

From the archives


I spent today archiving my old free Geocities website, "The Andor Files". First uploaded 23 December 1997, and home to my "Star Trek" action figure customising project, and related Andorian research and trivia, Geocities is closing its virtual doors to free web hosting in a few weeks.

Andor Files banner

I guess most of the pics and (revamped) text will find their way here, or onto this blog at some point.

One bizarre find, buried in a forgotten corner of cyberspace, was this:

"Star Trek" zapped by Aussie soap "Pacific Drive"
"Star Trek" zapped by Aussie soap "Pacific Drive"

I ran an Australian "Star Trek" club, ASTREX, for many years. At one point "Pacific Drive" was slotted against "Star Trek" prime time reruns - and I had a tough decision to make! Christine Stephen-Daley, who played naughty Amber Kingsley in Channel Nine's cult soap opera, helped me to choose which channel to watch. And afterward (sshh!), we went back to her hotel room to share a pizza.

This pic originally appeared in a weekly national TV guide (1996).

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De said...

I remember the old Geocities site well. Despite having Memory Alpha/Beta as references, I still invariably checking your existing site first when it comes to things Andorian.