Saturday, June 30, 2007

"It's... a piece of the Enterprise!!!"

Or so said game show host, Therin of Andor, during the first Harpic Productions extravaganza, Sale of the 23rd Century at a 1985 Brisbane science fiction media convention called Con Amore.

I had a good belly laugh this morning, checking out the latest batch of amazing screen-used "Star Trek" props and costumes on eBay by It's a Wrap!...

It's... a piece of a Klingon vessel!!!

Piece of a Klingon vessel

While Tharrah and Therin wrote questions for Sale of the 23rd Century, Tackee, our irrepressible, green Orion slave girl cum game show merchandise model was making a big, light, easily-foldable (into carry-on aeroplane luggage) prop of a piece of the Enterprise (from "Star Trek III: The Search for Spock") so we'd have something hilarious and impressively big to put in the "gift shop" of our "Sale of the Century"-inspired game show. Yes, it was "... a piece of the Enterprise!!!"

Piece of the EnterprisewhiteHole in a Klingon vessel

I think ours (above left; photo by John Tipper) compares pretty well to the Klingon piece that "The Next Generation" SPFX guys did for the episode "A Matter of Honor"! I wonder where our piece ended up? Perhaps we let our winner, Garfield Barnard, keep it? Maybe it'll turn up on eBay some day?

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