Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Andorian generals and ambassadors...

* need the help of at least two attendants to get dressed

* cannot bend their arms, let alone shoot a phaser rifle

* are either very tall, or wear platform boots, or have very clean floors as their cape sweeps over surfaces

* cannot put on their own boots, since they also cannot bend over.

(This is all to be kept in mind when I go hunting for boots to complete my eBay win.)

Ambassador Thoris
Ambassador Thoris from "Terra Prime"


Anonymous said...

Love the photos of you in the Andorian costume! Hilarious that you need a dresser to get into it. BTW, a neighbor was the dresser for Patrick Stewart last November when he was in town with the RSC. Woo-hoo! I see you are trying to tempt me to buy Dr. Crusher's labcoat on E-Bay. I could put it on her lifesize cut-out in my study, currently wearing my graduation gown. Your pal, Z1.

Therin of Andor said...

One day to go on Dr. Crusher's labcoat, currently only $178.50!