Friday, June 22, 2007

Big Squeaky

A funny night tonight, while watching "Big Brother: Friday Night Games" on TV.

It was a "Nightmare" theme night, with all the housemates dressed in pyjamas, and the first game had the participants in pairs: both blindfolded, and one running through obstacles with a pillow that issued loud snoring sounds, and the other wearing a boogie man mask and squeaky shoes.

Jack, my Jack Russell terrier, was sitting quite contentedly beside me... until the voiceover on the television mentioned "squeaky shoes". Now, I often tease Jack ("Where's Squeaky, Jack?") when playing a game with his own beloved squeak toys - most only last a few days/weeks because Jack makes a point of attempting to remove the squeaker, which then gives him enough of a tooth-hold to start devouring the rest of the toy in small chunks - and here was Jack actually reacting to the word "squeaky" on the TV.

Anyway, once the "boogie men" started running in their Very Squeaky Shoes, Jack went ballistic - barking loudly and relentlessly at the TV, at me, at the heater, at cushions on the lounge, at Chookie the cockatiel... at anything that might just be hiding a squeak toy - and then looking at me imploringly as to how I'd suddenly located - and then hidden! - a squeaky toy without even moving from my spot on the lounge.

Thanks for the headache, Big Brother!

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