Friday, June 01, 2007

The cockatiel types...

As if to remind me that today's the 1st June - approaching midnight and the 2nd - and I haven't yet started working on my first daily allocation of renewed fiction writing - my eleven-year-old cockatiel (or quarrion), Chookie, has just remembered how to imitate the really irritating "virtual" carriage return of a computer typing program!

He's sitting on the perch going, "Eh. Eh. Eh. Eh. Eh. Eh." (No, nothing like Anne of "Little Britain". More like "Mavis Beavis Teaches Typing.") He learned that noise about eight years ago, and remembers it every few months, using when someone wants to convcentrate on watching a DVD or writing something. Ear piercing! And guilt-generating.

Mmmm. Birds of a feather, and all that.

Chookie, avian typist

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