Friday, May 04, 2007

A rapping good time

This month at school, I'm working with a little phalanx of six- and seven-year old book rappers in the library. A book rap is a carefully guided discussion about a book by email, designed to teach students about ICT (information and communication technologies).

We had to brainstormed an introductory message to the other classes (all over Australia), edited it and emailed it, and then refreshed our memories with a reading of the featured book, "Possum Magic" by Mem Fox.

Today, with the cooperation of the four home class teachers, we were able to squeeze in an extra session, so we tried to get on top of next week's Rap Point. Highlight of the session, though, was when the library telephone in the office started to ring. I hesitated about answering it, but it would have been annoying to let it keep ringing. I gave an audible sigh and raced off to answer the phone.

Still clustered around the brainstorm sheet, one little voice among the group of students chirped, "Don't worry, Mr McLean, we can handle this..."


Anonymous said...

hehehe 'Mr McLean' ... I have never never thought of you like that lmao.

Love always...

Oooohhhh....You will never guess what I have hanging in Dakotah's room!!!


Therin of Andor said...

Ummm, either a framed sketch of a teddy bear, or a pic of me at age 20, in a tuxedo T-shirt, standing beside Miss Piggy and Kermit.