Tuesday, May 01, 2007

"If you blog, they will come..."

When I first set up my Site Meter on this blog page, I was receiving about 30 visitors per day and 50 page views. As I become more diligent about posting something every day, the stats built up to an average of 50 visitors per day and 100 page views, and stayed fairly consistent for months!

Merely going away on a week's vacation, the stats fell back to an average of 30 visitors per day and 50 page views. While the "By referrals" stats still show an amazing, often bizarre array of search terms that surfers use to end up at my site, it's the frequency of updates, not just content, that seems to draw the crowds.

The lesson, therefore, is definitely "... if you blog, they will come!" (Quote adapted from the movie, "Field of Dreams".) But to what extent does that mean I can just blab on about anything? And just how important is the quality/noteworthiness of the content?

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nash said...

Aha! But will they leave comments?!