Friday, May 18, 2007

Epiphany or bust. Next stop, Lithgow.

I finished the last chapter of "Vulcan's Soul: Epiphany" last night: a thoroughly entertaining Star Trek trilogy of novels, set both before the much-maligned feature film, "Nemesis", and the time of the Sundering of the Romulans from Vulcan.

"Epiphany" builds upon the previous instalments, "Exodus" and "Exiles", and, while telling two compelling storylines, also manages to give a satisfying and logical background to the Nosferatu-looking Remans of "Nemesis", and some more tantalizing tidbits about Saavik, Spock, the female Romulan Commander (of "The Enterprise Incident", TOS), and many more.

Thank you, Susan and Josepha! I was fairly tired last night, coming home from the city - after dark and after the big Pedlar's Fair event at work/school - on the country train. Without the final revelations in "Epiphany" to keep me alert, I'd have ended up in Lithgow, I reckon, having fallen into a deep slumber.

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Therin of Andor said...

Susan Shwartz, one of the authors of the "Vulcan's soul" trilogy just said, on TrekBBS: "Thank you, Therin. The retcon for NEMESIS was -rough- to work out. But fun.