Friday, May 11, 2007

I continue to be bemused...

... bemused, puzzled and surprised by what people Google, and how their seemingly random searching brings them to my site. After the Easter lull, where my hit rate on Site Meter dropped down below 50 visitors per day because I was on vacation, and not posting, today the number was back up - and reached a new peak of over 100!

Aha!, I thought, my recent research into the Star Trek audio productions was bringing in new customers but, no, most of the people finding my site have been browsing for images of actress Abigail ("Number 96") naked - and therefore they find the cover of her autobiography - or pictures of Jack as a puppy, or my name in Chinese characters. Only a few of the referring URLs seem to have been in regard to my Star Trek articles, such as from this page at the Non-canon Star Trek Wiki, thanks to whoever put it there.

The Internet is a strange animal.