Sunday, May 13, 2007

Lost in Sydney


Last night, seven intrepid members of the Sydney Star Trek Meetup Group rendezvoused at Star City Casino, Pyrmont, intending on having a meal together in the Garden Buffet but the queues were ridiculously long and we decided to relocate to the Casino's noodle bar instead.

Our eighth party member (a new person who'd only RSVPed a few hours earlier, and whose Internet profile pic is a startled, white-faced cartoon character) remained... lost. Of course, we had no idea who we were actually looking for. (Deja vu: the last meeting, we spent much of our time wondering about a different new member, who'd also failed to show up - and had similarly chosen to remain genderless and ageless in their online profile.) At least they had my mobile number, so we can only assume they just didn't make it.

Conversation turned to "Lost", the hit television show which shares its executive producer with the upcoming "Star Trek" movie. We decided that there was plenty of fan crossover potential for us to try expanding our regular "Star Trek" meetups to embrace "Lost" as well. It doesn't cost me any more to run two (or three) Meetup groups than one.


Let the "Lost in Sydney" Meetups begin.

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