Friday, October 30, 2009

Photo roundup!


On the way to the Capitol Theatre, in Sydney's CBD, to see "Wicked". This jacaranda tree, in full bloom, created the most bizarre optical illusion against the azure blue sky, but the flowers have photographed much darker than I'd hoped. Still pretty, though. 24 October 2009.

Kitchen light. 25 October 2009.

My Wollemi Pine is shooting new growth! 26 October 2009.


"Atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed!" Toy Batmobile painting by Nick Stathopoulos at the opening of his exhibition "Toy Porn", at NG Art Gallery, Chippendale. The exhibition was opened by David Stratton, of TV's "The Movie Show". 27 October 2009.

Realisation! It's almost midnight again. 28 October 2009.


I swear I had nothing to with this. A class of Year 1 kids were making a life-size chalk drawing of a dinosaur on the playground today - and were asked to show what he'd eaten. Amongst the pterodactyls and smaller dinosaurs was this... Andorian. 29 October 2009.


I have to restock this spinning rack of animal books every day. 30 October 2009.


Harry said...

Good day, a small cry of despair from across the internet... did you manage to save your rather awesome Geocities site from the great void?

I'm wondering especially if your Races of the Federation collection has survived in some form.

Therin of Andor said...

G'day Harry!

Hopefully, I've saved everything successfully.

My "Rogues' Gallery of Andorians" and "Toon Trek", plus some action figure customizing pages and the Leslie Fish Andorians article are already restored at:
The Andor Files.

My "Races of the Federation" pages and "TOS Lower Decks" were in need of major updates and I'm still thinking of the best way to present them within the confines of the blog format.

Thanks for your concern!