Sunday, October 04, 2009

Meeting Mel

Lunch with Mel (aka "Emh"), Criniti's Italian restaurant, Darling Harbour.
Witness the remnants of a metre of pizza!

Yes, it was a gathering of TrekBBS members - on a drizzly Sunday - at Criniti's Italian restaurant, Darling Harbour. Aussie Star Trek fans, otherwise known by such online monikers as Dr Rose Mod, Botany Bay, ElimParra, Melbournite EvilRobert, yours truly (Therin of Andor), plus UK immigrant, now Aussie resident, TheRealAdamJ, had gathered to meet Emh, also known as Mel, who travelled on a US Navy ship, via Japan, just to get a taste of Sydney Star Trek fandom. ;)

With a whole day of eating and drinking in front of us, we also entertained Orac Zen on someone's mobile phone (stuck at home with rain-related work chores). Stuffed with pizza, we sauntered/staggered off to Hobbyco, the ABC Shop, coffee in the QVB, and Galaxy Bookshop (Mel's second visit - this time with dire fiscal consequences). Along the way we sent EvilRobert and ElimParra off to the footy grand final - wearing opposing team colours! - and rendezvoused with the TrekBBSer-formerly-known-as CapricaSix.

By afternoon's close, we'd made it to the famous al fresco Opera Bar, at the Sydney Opera House, thinking it would be less crowded in a bar with no big screen television sets! (Not too bad. Good thinking!) From there, it was off to Wolfie's, at The Rocks, for a spectacular view of the Opera House at night while we guzzled more Merlot and chewed on kangaroo steaks and crocodile medallions! Here we were joined by the often-elusive Jean Prouvaire, yet another TrekBBSer who moved to "lurker mode" long, long ago. A great time was had by all! One final drink at the international shipping terminal's bar was cut short by a bouncer, wanting a $5 cover charge from each of us, so that was my cue to depart for the long train journey home, hoping not to fall asleep and awake in chilly Lithgow.

Mel, it was wonderful meeting you in person! It was like Facebook and TrekBBS had turned into reality! Lots of fun anecdotes, great wine, delicious kangaroo and crocodile - and that amazing metre of Italian pizza! (And I'm sure Galaxy Bookshop enjoyed your generous spending!)

View from Wolfies
Night view from Wolfie's!

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