Saturday, October 03, 2009

Forgotten Visitors

I'd quite forgotten to check this out!

After numerous false starts, including the canning of creator Kenneth Johnson's sequel/reunion script (which he then turned into a novel in 2007), ABC in the USA will soon be airing a new version of the science fiction series, "V", later this year!

These Youtubeclips feature Elizabeth Mitchell ("Lost") as Erica Evans, a sultry Morena Baccarin ("Firefly", "Stargate SG-1") as the alien Visitors' leader, Anna, with a human reporter played by Scott Wolf ("Party of Five", "Everwood").

Looks great, although it will have to work hard to maintain all the shock value scenes of the original 1983 telemovie, which kinda snuck up on everything, even the now defunct SF media magazine "Starlog"! I means, we already know about the eating of guinea pigs, the harvesting of humans, the stealing of our water, etc...

The US premiere date is set for November 3rd, 2009.

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De said...

I'm looking forward to this too. I'm curious to know how Kenny Johnson feels about it.