Saturday, October 17, 2009

Aftermath of Murder: More "Number 96"!

Julian Rockett

Andrew Mercado has announced the latest "Number 96" boxed set of DVDs, to be released in 2010 by Umbrella Entertainment.

"Aftermath of Murder" picks up the storyline right where the last DVD set left off: Pantyhose Strangler, Tracey Wilson, has just thrown herself out of the front window of Flat 6, and lies dead across the pavement outside the Boulevard Cafe and the Deli.

The new set will continue some truly madcap storylines across 32 sequential colour episodes, including the return of wacky ex-showgirl, Trixie O'Toole (Jan Adele), and Dorrie Evans (Pat McDonald) learning to drive! (Andrew has put some brief trailers on Youtube!) Also turning up at Australia's most memorable address will be Vera's latest boarder, young musician, Adam Shaw (Julian Rockett, pictured above!). Watch Maggie Cameron (Bettina Welch) try to tempt him away from Vera (Elaine Lee). Edie "Mummy" MacDonald (Wendy Blacklock) tries to plan a wedding for a daughter who's already eloped - to a man with a dark secret. And then, there's Lucy's latest health upset, and another source of horror for Alf: Lucy is expecting a change-of-life baby!

While "Number 96" was famous for its risky storylines and glimpses of nudity (Julian Rockett's claim to fame was flashing the first naked male bottom in colour on Aussie TV - in a failed Grundy's pilot called "Two-Way Mirror"!), this period of the show's evolution made frequent use of vaudeville-style comedy, but there was still lots of drama and melodrama.

Number 96 on DVD

Last March, I listed the episodes that would be featured in "Aftermath of Murder", based on Andrew's prediction that Umbrella would proceed with a new boxed set.

However, if you want to see more releases after "Aftermath of Murder", we need your support! Umbrella will only release more batches, to take us through the delicatessen bomb blast - and beyond - if this boxed set sells well enough! Buy one for you, and one for a friend!

About the pic:
(top of post) He played Adam Shaw in "Number 96" in 1975, but here is Julian Rockett posing as Don Finlayson, for the cover photo of the early "Number 96" paperback novel, "Marriage of Convenience". Original photo taken by Warren Penny for Arkon Books, 1974.

This Youtube clip has footage of Julian, as Scott, in "Two-Way Mirror":

If the theme music is familiar, it was rejigged a little for "The Sullivans".


Anonymous said...

i am so looking to seeing it

Anonymous said...

Way to go Andrew Mercado and Umbrella Entertainment, a big thank you for giving us a second chance to view this truly classic Aussie soap of all soaps. From memory I think the colour episodes were so much fun and hopefully we can get add the rest of the series to our DVD collections, I know I'll be adding future volumes as soon as they come out. Again many thanks.

Tammy said...

Oh my goodness!! .. flappy hands, flappy hands!!

How twisted watching the Sullivans theme with nudity!

Greg xoxo