Sunday, October 26, 2008

Looming half-century

I understand that Michael Jackson, Madonna - and the Smurfs (yes, those annoyingly cute little blue guys without antennae) - are all 50 years old this year. That landmark is approaching for me, too, in just a few weeks. Now, I know the "National Enquirer" often reports bits dropping off Michael, but I wonder if Madonna or the Smurfs have suffered from niggly health problems this year?

Nothing one needs to see a doctor about, necessarily, but those annoying twinges, extra kilos, leaky tear ducts, creaky joints, that teeny, tiny print of serial numbers on new elerctrical equipment, and other things representative of a human body entering another new decade. Things that make you say... "Ouch... Sigh".

Sunday's magic number: 93.1 - just as well!

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