Saturday, October 04, 2008

ICT learning curves

I feel like the whole day has been totally consumed by setting up my new tech devices. Thanks to the telephone helpfulness of my iiNet Internet provider, I was able to get the Time Capsule Wi-Fi thingie working properly with the new MacBook Pro. Now I just have to get the new printer talking to it properly, and I must master the art of using a mouse-less keyboard.

I went out walking this morning, on a break between the rain showers, and I took Jack with me for a separate walk this afternoon, again slipping it in between showers. While I was out on my own, I picked up a magazine about iPhones, so I can do some homework before next week, when I go back to collect whatever I end up with next Thursday.

Oh well, I'm off to set all the timepieces forward an hour; Eastern Summer Time - daylight savings - starts at 2am tomorrow!

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