Friday, October 17, 2008

First crew shots!: JJ's Star Trek

Turn your head, close your eyes, if you don't wish to see...

Quinto as SpockCast of Star Trek

Lots more pics and information here and here!

I'm loving what I'm seeing!

Captain's Log: Supplemental.

I do recall one of the interviews discussing the filming of an iconic final scene with whole main cast, finally all in their TOS-inspired uniforms, and an assurance that, by the end of the movie, even the look of the bridge may be even more familiar to older fans. (Or did I dream that?)

One of the complaints about that cast shot we've seen, that seems to be driving people crazy, is that Kirk isn't wearing the gold part of his uniform, and/or that Spock is not even in that scene. A very deliberate tease by the publicity department. Well done! It's got people talking, asking questions, worrying about "the canon", yearning for a more complete picture.

I'm expecting that maybe, just maybe, some of the stark white on the bridge set portion we've recently glimpsed might end up with a more iconic black/silver colour scheme, with maybe bright orange/red bridge rails, etc., at the movie's conclusion. But I'm not expecting it will suddenly attempt to replicate the 60s exactly.


Stephen said...

the more images i see of the new Star Trek film makes me sure that it will work...especially for new fans...I'm sure old fans will have lots of differing opinions on it though - I say give it a chance and enjoy the ride!

Anonymous said...

Kirk is such a dedicated commander he can’t even take the time to find his uniform shirt in the morning.

And the one feature of the old costumes I intentionally left out of the way I draw them, the seams from armpit to neck, is the the one feature they have chosen to emphasise in the new costumes. The movie is not out yet and already I am obsolete. Oh, well. :-)