Sunday, October 05, 2008

Hump Day of a long weekend

Sometimes the universe is just having a big belly laugh at our expense.

No one in Sydney wanted to believe the weather forecasts that predicted rain for the long weekend, but here we are, two days into it and very soggy underfoot. Mind you, after years of drought conditions and water restrictions in Sydney, our gardens aren't complaining.

A friend from Perth happened to mention she was going to be in Sydney over this weekend, for her husband's family reunion activities. Yay! Egged on by a mutual friend in the USA - the wonders of Facebook Friends and three-way texting on our virtual Walls, I started to make serious plans to rendezvous with her. But... she is spending most of the time on New South Wales' central coast, so I had to be up for two long train journeys to get to her.

No problem, I'm reading a good book at the moment ("Star Trek: Enterprise: Kobayashi Maru" - but you already knew it would be a Star Trek novel).

By the time I factored in that my friend's "free" part of the weekend was narrowing down to a small percentage of the whole trip, and that she'd have no transport of her own, and that she was staying in a town that doesn't even have trains stopping at it - add in a bus ride to my two long train rides - plus Daylight Saving, which started today and therefore we've all lost an hour already - plus inevitable train delays due to the heavy rain...

... it will be much simpler, and faster, to visit her in Perth.

I hope her in-laws' reunion festivities aren't too dire, but methinks I'm not going after all.

It's the thought that counts. No?

I can hear the universe chuckling to itself. Or is that thunder?

Sunday's magic number: 93.9 - no, maybe it was my own stomach...

Failure: DVD rewinder

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De said...

Got a good giggle from the DVD Rewinder picture. I really needed that this morning.